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Hylomar® Non – Setting Gasket Compounds
High Temperature Gasket Compound
Hylogrip Anaerobic Adhesives
Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants
Other Products
Other Products
Hylomar® Tile Bond 402 :

Hylomer® Tile bond is a flexible, heat resistant epoxy adhesive for permanently bonding surfaces subject to impact, vibration and deflection.

High Degree of Flexibility: Impacts and vibration are absorbed and dissipated along the bond line. This means the adhesive and tiles won't crack or be dislodged.

Toughness & Resilience: The adhesive will recover to its normal state after shock loading and forced deformation.


High Temperature Exposure:-Exposure to temperatures up to 150°C increases the adhesives flexibility unlike conventional epoxy adhesives which become more rigid.

Adhesion: An adhesion promoter increases the bond strength to a variety of substrates.

Tile bond has proven to be highly successful in bonding fusion cast high aluminia ceramic tiles for protection against the abrasive effects of transporting fuel, coal and shale. It has proven track record in both coal preparation plants and coal fired power stations.

Pack Size: 500gms (Each of part A & B)

J—Bond Nail Free :
J-Bond Nail Free is a ready to use gap filling and panel adhesive, based on a toughened acrylic polymer, blended with naturally occurring water based testifiers. Adheres to most common surfaces inside the home.
Excellent adhesion/bond strength — adheres to most common surfaces
Exceptional early grab properties — usable in both vertical and horizontal positions.
Extended open time — allows for easy repositioning after fixing
High solids formulation — excellent properties without shrinkage
Solvent free — environmentally friendly formulation
Water clean up — no hazardous solvents
Will adhere to damp surfaces
Pack Size: 300ml cartridge
J—Seal High Temperature Oven Sealant :
J-Seal High Temperature Oven Sealant is silicon free and specially designed for use on industrial ovens and dryers. Oven manufacturers and sheet metal installers use it as a sealant and joint caulking compound. It is economical and easy to apply with no special equipments and can significantly reduce operating energy cost by reducing loss of heat.
Product Characteristics
Contains non-asbestos fillers blended with a binder.
Contains no silicone – perfect for use in finishing operations.
Highly resistant to vibration, acid, fumes, gases and moisture.
One cartridge provides approximately 20 feet of ¼″ bead.
Resists continuous temperatures up to 370°C
Pack Size: 300ml Cartridge
Plasticoll X-10 and X10G :

Thread Sealant for LPG & NG

Meets BS 5258 for sealing LPG/NG threads. Could be used with water and low pressure saturated steam

Service Temperature:
Plasticoll X-10: -40°C to 150°C
Plasticoll X-10G: -40°C to 200°C
Viscosity: 3,50,000 to 4,50,000 mPa-s

Pack Size: 1 kg Tin

Rapp — It :

Rapp-it is an instant emergency pipe repair system that is simple to use with no mixing or measuring required.

Rapp-it is roll of fiberglass bandage impregnated with water-activated resin which is ready to use once the foil pouch is opened.


Rapp-it has also been successfully used in petrochemicals, general manufacturing, food and chemical processing and marine industries, from small fishing crafts to boiler and engine rooms located within container shipping vessel.

Major industries such as the mining, industrial, marine and agricultural environments are specific markets and areas of use for Rapp-it products.

Pack Size:
RAP 122 50mm x 3.6m (2” x 5’)
RAP 123 75mm x 3.6m (2” x 12’)
RAP 124 100mm x 3.6m (4” x 12’)
RAP 164 100mm x 4.8m (4” x 16’)
Rapp-it Bandages are simple to use and require very little preparation:
Once the leaking area is identified, shut down relevant pipes or
  hoses immediately.
Prepare the surface by cleaning and roughening the pipe.Put on
  enclosed latex gloves.
Apply Rapp-it Steel Putty to the leak site and mould.
  Open foil pouch and immerse Rapp-it Bandage in temperate fresh
  water for 10 seconds. The entire contents must be used once the
  package is opened.
Apply Rapp-it Bandage around the damaged area, extending up to
  50mm (2’) either side of the leak to ensure complete coverage. It
  is important that the bandage is applied quickly as curing begins
  once it is taken out of the water.
Whilst wrapping, pull each layer tightly and firmly, using your
  hand to mould and squeeze the layers together in a tightening
  motion. Continue to apply pressure by this action during
  application and upon completion.
Stag Well Seal Jointing Compound :

Well Seal Jointing Compound is formulated to give the best possible sealing performance under a wide variety of conditions. Commonly used to seal aluminum cylinder heads and transmission boxes. It is used to seal threaded connections as well as flat-faced joints and can be used with or without a gasket, depending upon the design of the assembly.


Well Seal Jointing Compound is highly resistant to the majority of commonly used field, lubricants and coolants and is non-corrosive and free from abrasive fillers.

The compound is applied direct from the container to the previously cleaned surface and spread out in a thin, even film. Application to both surfaces is preferred.

Pack size: 500ml Lacquer lined tins

Stag White Universal :

Stag White Universal is a non-setting Jointing Compound. It is of a smooth consistency, does not contain lead and allows easy dismantling of joints when required. WRAS registered as suitable for hot and cold potable water applications. Suitable for use on gas installations work as defined in EN 751-2-1997.

Stag White Universal is suitable for flanged or screw-threaded joints made of mild or stainless steel, malleable iron, brass copper and PVC. Not suitable for ABS and is employed mainly in the plumbing and gas-fitting industries.

It may be used on pipework servicing natural gas, town gas, cold water, including potable water and hot water up to 85°C, steam, brine, alcohol and compressed air. Not suitable for oxygen lines.

Max. Working Pressure: 10,000 psi (liquid), 2000 psi (gas)

Pack Size: 700gms tubs

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