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Hylomar® Non – Setting Gasket Compounds
High Temperature Gasket Compound
Hylogrip Anaerobic Adhesives
Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants
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Hylomar® Non - Setting Gasket Compound :
Hylomar® is the leading brand of non-hardening sealants for a wide variety of high temperature and oil resistant gasketing applications.
Hylomar® Universal Blue :
It is used to seal, jet, gasoline and diesel engines, gear boxes, electric motors, oil gallery plugs, pumps, turbines, etc. Also used as a head gasket dressing, for coating pre-formed gaskets and thread sealant.
Solvent: Methylene Chloride
Pack Size: 100gm Tube & 300gm Cartridge
Hylomar® Racing Formula (Medium / Heavy) :
Non-hardening sealant has improved adhesion and is used for metal-to-metal joints in gear boxes where oil resistance and sealing of surface asperities is required. All properties & applications of Universal Blue.
Spread evenly on flanges of gearboxes, bearing races, drain plug thread "O" rings etc.
Solvent: Acetone
Pack Size: 80ml Tube & 300ml Cartridge
Hylomar® Aerograde PL32 (M) :
Old SQ 32 Gas Turbine Sealant
It is version of PL32 Medium from Hylomar® Limited, UK and is used for critical gasketing applications in metal-to-metal joints.
Specially developed for Rolls Royce Aero Engines. Widely recommended by many gas turbine manufacturers for flange and bearing sealing.
Solvent: Methylene Chloride
Pack Size: 100gm Tube
Hylomar® Advanced Formulation :
It is a Solvent free version of Hylomar® Universal Blue and is successfully used as a gasket dressing for all kinds of gasket and assists in alignment. It is also used for sealing joints such as the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head and turbo joints without the need for compression gaskets.
No pre-drying, ideal for exhaust area. Typical flame proof motor end-shield Sealant. Could also be used for applications similar to Universal Blue.
Pack Size: 100gm Tube & 350gm Cartridge
Hylomar® 960 :
Liquid, Brush / Dip Coating Grade
A brushable grade Hylomar for spatula application on gaskets as a gasket dressing for better release properties and improved sealing where resistance to oil and fuels are required.
Suitable for gasket dressing/flange coating. Can be sprayed by paint spray gun. Suitable for dip-coating gaskets in automobile industry.
Solvent: Acetone
Pack Size: 100 gms and 1 Kg bottle
Hylomar® Exhaust Assembly Paste :
Asbestos – free Exhaust Sealant.
Forms ceramic with heat of running engine/ equipment. Water based eco-friendly product. Could be used for repair jobs on silencers.
Service Temperature up to 1000°C
Pack Size: ½ Kg & 1 Kg Tins
Hylomar® Golden :

Golden Hylomar® is a polyester urethane based sealant that is non-setting and non-hardening even at high temperatures. The compound is resistant to a wide range of fluids including all industrial fuels, oils, water and brine, air, turbine and piston engine combustion products, water, water/glycol and methanol mixtures, petroleum and synthetic diester lubricating oils. Golden Hylomar can be used to seal joint faces or threaded parts.

Golden Hylomar® enables the effective sealing of metal to metal and plastic to plastic components. Typical applications include water and oil pumps, instrument inspection covers, cylinder heads and sumps, and it can also be used for the coating for pre-formed gaskets, weather proofing, motors. Inlet manifolds, timing case covers, oil pump joints, gear box, transmission components and thread sealing.

Pack Size: 100gms tubes
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