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Hylomar® Non – Setting Gasket Compounds
High Temperature Gasket Compound
Hylogrip Anaerobic Adhesives
Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants
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High Temperature Gasket Compound :
Stag Jointing Paste Type - B :

Non-Setting High Temperature Jointing Compound:

Stag Jointing Paste Type B is a smooth consistency lead free jointing compound with a temperature resistance of over 650 degree C.

The product is used for sealing applications where the highest temperature resistance is required. It has been used for sealing of turbine flanges for over two decades now. Reddish brown in color, this thick consistency paste is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, apart from the highest temperatures.

The product has a specific gravity of 2.13 to 2.16 and contains about 10-12% solvent to allow brush application.
Mainly use in:
All high temperature flanged joints.
All high temperature screwed joints.
Battery Terminals to avoid sulphation.
Gearbox flanges.
Parting Planes of turbines.
Pressure resistance greater than 170 kg/cm2
Threaded connections in pipelines carrying water, steam, gas, fuels, diesel, compressed air, etc.
Service Temperature : 650°C
Pack Size: 1 Kg Tin
Steam Seal Jointing Paste Type - B :
Lead Free Steam Turbine Sealant.
High Temperature and High Pressure jointing paste for steam turbine flange and pipe threads. Suitable for power plant, petroleum refinery, paper other process industries. Very good resistance to chemical and petroleum products.
Service Temp.: 650°C
Pack Size: 1 Kg Tin
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