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Hylomar® Non – Setting Gasket Compounds
High Temperature Gasket Compound
Hylogrip Anaerobic Adhesives
Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants
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Polyurethane Adhesive and Sealants
J-Bond 301 :

J-Bond 301 is a one-part solvent-free, moisture curing, polyurethane adhesive with outstanding resistance to weather, moisture, water and temperature. J-Bond 301 exhibits excellent ageing properties. It is a moisture curing product; hence for the applied product to receive moisture, it is important that one of the surfaces is porous. If both surfaces are not porous, moisturizing the surfaces with wet cloth/atomized water-spraying will assist curing the adhesive.

J-bond 301 is suitable for structural bonding of large surface area. It is ideal for the assembly of varios substrates such as wood, asbestos, honey comb panels, cement, metals, laminates, various plastic material, polyurethane-nucleus sandwich panels and substrates with various coatings. J-Bond 301 has high peel strength. It is suitable for bonding PVC flooring/other flooring in buses and railway coaches.

Pack Size: 250 gms bottles, 1 Kg bottles & 30 Kg Pail

J-Seal Sprayable Polyurethane Foam :

J-Seal Sprayable PU Foam – Moisture curing PU foam in a pressurized aerosol container. Excellent adhesion to most substrates, and good thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, multi-purpose gap-filling and insulating, environment friendly, CFC free, HCFC free.

Pack Size: 800ml

Korapur 125 :
One component Polyurethane Adhesive and sealant for primed and varnished metals, aluminium, wooden materials, air conditioning, bus body and heating equipment, metalwork, etc.
Good resistance to humidity and weathering
Over paintable with most paint and varnishes
Resistant to temperatures from –40°C to 90°C up to 120°C
  for short intervals.
Specific for Automotive assembly and repair, light + heavy
  commercial vehicle construction and repair, caravans and
  motor homes, Bus and truck industries general fabrication
  and assembly.
Standard colour: White/ Black.
  Pack Size: 600 ml sachets
Korapur 140 :
Single component elastic, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive for bonding and sealing of primered and varnished metals, aluminium, wooden materials and duroplastics.
Good resistance to humidity and weathering.
Good temperature resistance from –40°C to 90°C.
High stability, spreadable with a blade.
Over paintable with most paint and varnishes.
Standard colour: White/ Black.
  Pack Size: 600 ml sachets
Korapop 225 :
Solvent-free, elastic one component sealant and adhesive for vehicle bodywork, containers and vehicle manufacture, air conditioning, heating equipment, metalwork etc.
Base – POP hetero-polymer curing with air humidity.
Good adhesion to duroplastics, thermoplastics and mineral
Good adhesion to glass, many kinds of metal, varnished
  and primed materials, wooden materials
Good resistance to humidity, weathering and Ultra Violet
Resistant to temperatures from –40°C to +80°C (up to
  +120°C for short intervals)
Standard Colour: White only
  Pack Size: 600 ml sachets
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